The second full-length feature film from director Laura Siváková

A young ballet-dancer Klára has a successful career before her when she meets a charismatic man in his fiftees. A passionate and and the same time painful relationship enables Klára to experience two opposite sides of love – HEAVEN and HELL, and to find EARTH.

You can drown, or swim to the surface.

Zuzana Kanócz (Slovakia), Bronislaw Wroclawski (Poland) and Jiří Korn (Czech Republic).

In Slovak cinemas from April 16, 2009.

Forty days of shooting, two years` break, replacement of two actors and most of the crew, unpredictable weather, a pregnancy and motherhood – all this influenced the production of „Heaven, Hell.. Earth“. Without the passion for filmmaking from the producers and the crew it would never come to you.


Do men shape woman?

Klára is 22 and she has a successful ballet-dancing career in one of the best dancing companies in the world, she just has to train hard. She has a long-standing relationship with a young and successful entrepreneur Tomáš.

The are happy.
Klára hurts her leg.
Klára witnesses her partners` infidelity.
Klára`s family falls apart...
Klára falls in love!

Despite the fact that she doesn`t know what`s going on in the head of 54 year old Rudolf, whose wife left him and he lives with their 13 year old daughter, Klára immerses herself into this new relationship. The game of love and erotics, inaccessibility and responsibility, of „mother“ and lover, begins. In this new world Klára finds long-lost certitudes, her career is no longer priority.
Everything seems ideal...
But life is never ideal, sometimes you have to swim hard not to drown, not to be drowned by others. Klára finds this out too, and her actions and finale of the story brings tremendous surprise...


It wasn`t easy...
The birth of „Heaven, Hell... Earth“ was not easy. Between the first and the second stage of the shoot two years went by. The shooting took 40 days, 12 during the fall of 2005, and 28 during the summer of 2007. The break was caused by the lack of finances for making the film, but in spite of that since the beginning of 2006 busy preparations took place for the next stage of shooting. It brought more complications – like re-casting of a child actor playing Júlia who grew up and matured so much until 2007 that it wasn`t possible to use her anymore. Also the role of Klára`s brother was re-cast, and half of the crew changed because its members already had other work arranged.

The most demanding part of the shooting was making of underwater scenes which was complicated by various events. The production schedule was foiled by bad weather several times, after many hot days a cold weather and rain came exactly when underwater scenes were about to be shot. In the end, the final sequence was made in several takes shot in a real lake and the pool, and it had to be post-produced in a complicated way.

The topic close to everyone
The film`s central motif is made by a strong love story. It`s told from the point of view of 22 year old ballet-dancer (Zuzana Kanócz). Young viewers can relate to her and experience all the pitfalls of her love life with her, older viewers would be interested in watching the higher level of the story - the personal transformation of the main heroine and her inner perception of various situations... and the end should be a challenge for everybody.

Before the camera, behind the camera
The core of the crew during the shot consisted of about 20 people. More people worked during the preparation phase and the post-production, so that makes about 50 people in total. But if we take into consideration the wider team of cooperators who deserve to appear in the final titles, it should be about 220 people, and that doesn`t cover all of them.